Cuma, Haziran 16, 2006

I created a Slide Show! Check it out!


Jeab said...


Thanks for your visit my blog

right my husband is Turkish, he is istanbul

sorry i don't know turkey language

nice to meet you

HULYA said...

Hi Hulya,
Your blog is very interesting so I will keep on visiting it.I am in İzmir but I used to live in İstanbul before .If you want I can teach you Turkish and you can make a suprise to your husband İlyas.Nice to meet you too.Do you know the meaning of your name?It means "Daydream" in English.

Jeab said...

Thanks for visit my blog again
Yes, my husband told my name is good dream and sweet dream
I like this name very much

if you want put song same as me
1). you must settings your blog again
- Settings
- Formatting
- Show 1 Days on the main page
- Save Settings
2). when you write blog you can put code song everypage in HTML

take care

Jeab said...

Hi again
can you see my webpage i make it for you

good luck

HULYA said...

Hi Hulya (Jeab)
Thank you for the instructions ,I tried to put them in a test blog first.( be i will continue this blog in English so you can understand it too:-)